Keep Lees Mill Rd. in Opal and
Opal in Liberty High School District

The Fauquier County School Board is currently looking at a LAST MINUTE redistricting option for high schools that draws a boundary right thru the neighborhood of Opal. If this option passes without changes, all children on Lees Mill Rd. from 29 to Opal Rd., including the Edgehill subdivision, would now have to go to Fauquier High School instead of Liberty. This would mean that children who have been together for elementary and middle school would now be split up for high school.

We feel the best thing for the children AND the community is to keep them together and that they should be districted for Liberty High School. Please help us by emailing or calling ALL School Board members, and specifically your representative in your district and let them know you want to keep Opal together! We need your support to get this changed or it's a done deal. Make your comments known ASAP as the Fauquier County School Board will be voting December 17th.

Just think if it happened to you. Wouldn't you want someone to stand up and support you? Please help support us!

Please touch on any or all of the following points when emailing the school board. Feel free to use these or cover them in your own words:

School Board Members:

Duke Bland, Marshall District
Jay VanGelder, Cedar Run District
Ernest Gray, Lee District
Sally Murray, Center District
Robert Sinclair, Scott District

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Leave comments or questions here.

A letter summarizing these details was handed out to affected Lees Mill Road residents Sunday, December 9. 2007. A copy is available here.

Map showing section moved
from Liberty to Fauquier

Pink circle shows northern part of Opal neighboorhood
plans SB-A and SB-B cut off from the rest of Opal

We support keeping all of Lees Mill Road in Opal and Opal in Liberty High School District just like M.M. Pierce includes all of Lees Mill Road in its district as shown in this Elementary School District Map.

Map showing M.M. Pierce includes Lees Mill Rd.