John Huggins

Scientific/Aerospace Hardware Designer, Engineering Manager and Electrical Manufacturing Manager

Short Resume

Samples of actual assemblies in use today:
Application Astronomy Observatory Telescope Manufacturer Satellite Interference Location Orbiting Satellite
Circa 1999 2000 2001 2003
Flew in 2006
Ultimate Customer U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO)
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
Clear Sky Institute, Inc. and Optical Mechanics, Inc. All Geosync Satellite Owners NASA Goddard
Hardware 32 Channel Photon Counter and Interferometry Processor Single Axis Motion Controller with 32 bit precision speed control and RS485 comms Complex 3-level Digital Correlator with up to 1 second delay lines Radio Data Memory Buffer Correlator Test Signal Generator and Switchyard AeroAstro X-Band Transponder
Description 37 Digital Signal Processor to aid the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer compute atmospheric phase changes in real-time from six telescope starlight beams. Single Axis Telescope Motion Controller Used in the Telescope Control Initiative. 1,024 x 2 x 3 level correlator, memory buffer and test signal generator for use with second generation Satellite Interference Location Model TLS2000 system developed by Transmitter Location Systems X-Band Transponder containing several PCB designs and one power supply circuit element stacked in one layered package used successfully in the NASA ST5 Satellite mission
Responsibilities Womb to Tomb Design Womb to Tomb Design Womb to Tomb Design
except PLD memory controller
PCB Design, PCB Duroid/FR4 spec, thermal and power supply circuit element
Topology VME
Custom Heat
Layered Case
Programmable Logic Design
Schematic Design
Printed Circuit Design
Digital Signal Processors
Product Status Still in use today. At least two units used in every telescope product by Optical Mechanics, Inc. Product reached end of life once market reached saturation. Flew successful 3 month mission after launch in 2006.

Summary of Experience

I have twenty-five years experience designing both analog and digital circuits using OrCAD Schematic/PCB, Altera MaxPlus II, and Tango PCB software tools. I have an intimate knowledge with the VMEbus architecture and Digital Signal Processors (DSP). I utilize Programmable Logic Devices in all designs when necessary. I use SPICE to aid design of analog circuitry. Past projects scale from a 2x4 inch laser modulation detector board to a 9Ux400mm (14x16 inch) VMEbus based Multiprocessing DSP array.

Experience includes design/specification and implementation of antennas for VHF, UHF and microwave RF telemetry links. Also can generate RF Link Budgets.

The last three years include antenna specification, simulation (NEC and FDTD), design and manufacture of antennas for VHF, UHF, L and C Bands.

I have brought up no less than three times a configuration management system for current and previous employers using CVS as a backbone and MySQL database with PHP web scripts as the configuration system. These efforts replaced disjointed file share based systems with effective, revision controlled, shared and backed up file management tools and processes.

I have two years experience managing a team of electrical engineers and a team of manufacturing assemblers and technicians. The manufacturing management is performed in a strict aerospace documented way which includes the previously mentioned configuration management system.


Electrical Design



Software and Computer


Additional abilities:

Past projects produced a substantial quantity of intellectual property.
This growing list includes, but is not limited to this list.

Professional Experience

Department of Justice
Law Enforcement
Antenna Electrical Engineer - July 2009 - present


Responsibilities include:

Tools used:

Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
Aerospace Company
Electrical Engineering Designer/Manager - December 2003 - July 2009


Responsibilities include:

Tools used:

AeroAstro, Inc.
Satellite technology company.
Electrical Engineer - September, 2001 - November, 2003


Responsibilities include:

Tools used:

Metrobility Optical Systems and Aura Networks
Ethernet networking technology company.
Senior Engineer, May, 2001 - September, 2001

Responsibilities included circuit design, programmable logic design and testing of gigabit Ethernet fiber optic network assemblies using Xylinx and ViewDraw tools.

Emphasis included extensive research into how Ethernet networks function

Work abruptly ended Monday September 10, 2001 when the company announced bankruptcy. The next day was, of course, 911.

Interferometrics, Inc. and Transmitter Location Systems, LLC
Government contractor and satellite technology company.
Senior Circuit Design and PCB Design Engineer, November 1990 - May, 2001

Responsibilities included design, construction, test and installation of VMEbus assemblies for use in a satellite interference location system. The scope of this project is partially available at

Past responsibilities include management and participation in the Control System Group of the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer Telescope project. Accomplishments include:

CACI - Federal, Inc.
Government contractor.
Senior Engineer November 1989 - October 1990

Responsibilities consisted of design and integration of VMEbus back-plane and boards used in a radio frequency analysis system.

Security clearance maintained during employment.

American Electronic Laboratories, Inc.
Government contractor.
Engineer September 1987 - October 1989

Initial responsibilities consisted of design and integration of an Automated Test Equipment system. Final work involved test and evaluation of custom and commercial electronic products.

Security clearance established and maintained while employed.

Education and Qualifications

George Mason University
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering 1987

Amateur Radio Operator License - Amateur Extra

General Radiotelephone Operator License