Handy Software

Free for non-commercial use.

Ham Radio Field Day Organizer
Get your Amateur Radio Club organized for this year's ARRL Field Day by implemeting the Field Day Organizer PHP/MySQL script on your web site.
This is a simple way to auto-generate invoices for your customers. It allows pricing controls over hosting and email plans with bulk discounts if you want. It operates from a MySQL database and uses PHP. Payments may be recorded and each of your customers can visit their account to see their invoice and payment history. Currently, the information tables are accessed directly by PostFix to create, enable and manage email accounts for your customers. With extra programming you can add code to give your customer the power to maintain the mail accounts for their own people relieving you of this chore. The billing is automatically adjusted to reflect the changes. This is GPL software, but a commercial license is available to prevent the GPL poisoning your code.
Parts Database Manager (PDM) - Coming Soon
The chore of every engineering house continues to be knowing just what it is you are building. This program will help manage that. More details soon.