How to make an Advent Wreath
for outdoors to countdown the
Sundays to Christmas.

Advent Wreath on Christmas Eve

For years we have waited too long to get our decorations up in time to enjoy them though much of the Christmas season. However, the season of Advent can help motivate you to get started early. This outdoor Advent Wreath will not only start your Christmas season, but will inspire and remind onlookers that Christmas is, indeed, just around the corner.

The Advent Wreath seems to have a long rich history with the main point being a countdown to the birthday of Jesus.

Typically, three of the candles are multicolored, and one is discolored. Increasingly, due to changes in the Church's lectionary in the United States, all four candles may be violet. When used in household devotion, one violet candle is lit on the first evening of Advent (a Saturday). On successive Saturdays, the second violet candle is added, then the rose candle, and finally, the third violet candle. Some Anglicans and Lutherans use blue candles rather than violet. Some wreaths have a larger, central fifth candle (generally white), which is lit on Christmas Day to signify Christ's birth.

A quick review of the meaning of the candles includes:

First Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Hope
First Sunday in Advent
Second Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Love
Second Sunday in Advent
Third Candle
Color: Purple or pink
Theme: Joy
Third Sunday in Advent
Fourth Candle
Color: Purple
Theme: Peace
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Optional Center Candle
Color: White
Theme: Christmas
Christmas Day

With just a little bit of materials you can help alert your neighborhood that Jesus is the reason for the season.